We believe that developing character in students is equally as important as creating a framework for academic success and stimulating a global perspective. At the heart of character is self-confidence together with the ability to bounce back from the knocks that come with taking on new challenges. It’s also about knowing yourself; your motivations, the things that push you on and the things that hold you back. It’s about celebrating and recognising when you are successful, but then understanding and being able to recreate the strategies that enabled that success and transferring it to a new situation: learning to learn in a challenging situation.

Our skilled facilitators will help students to explore their motivations, to plan their strategies for success and to grow in confidence as they move through a series of physical and mental challenges. At each stage they’ll guide the students to get the most from each activity and to develop strategies for success that they will then be able to apply when they return to their school setting, whether in the classroom or taking on their own broader challenges.

With a focus on preparing for transition to a new school or settling into a new academic year, the course and each task is designed to equip students with skills to help them manage that transition while having fun and learning some new practical skills along the way. At the end of the course, Students will feel confident to take on the next step of their school career, knowing they have developed the skills to cope with the new challenges brought about by their transition.

Key Info

This course is designed to create bonds between students and to equip them with skills to ensure they make a success of their new academic year.

  • 1 to 5-day residential school trips
  • Aimed at both Primary and Secondary schools (We can create trips for key transitioning groups, please contact us to discuss).
  • The objective is to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, planning and organisation skills
  • A series of team and individual challenges that will increase students’ self-confidence, resilience and self-awareness.
  • Year groups will be divided into teams and will work together to complete a set of challenges with individuals being assigned leadership roles
  • Following each task, the team will be debriefed by the adult facilitator to ensure they maximise the learning from each task and learn to apply simple teamwork and leadership ‘rules’ to enable them to complete subsequent tasks.

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