Face the Future is our flagship course. We’ll work with students to help them to really understand themselves and to welcome opportunities and challenges with equal confidence

Through a carefully selected range of physical, practical and mental challenges students will learn several strategies for dealing with each. During each challenge they will learn new skills but more importantly they will develop confidence, resilience and self-awareness as they progress from one activity to the next.

Detailed reviews and the incorporation of reflective periods will encourage your students to think carefully about how they each and collectively work through their challenges, they’ll start to understand their own methodologies and what works best for them as well as picking up new strategies.

Although the course is entitled Face the Future, it’s also about making the most of the ‘now’ we think students work best when they are having fun so we’ll make sure there’ll be plenty of laughs on this amazing journey of self- discovery. Our activities are designed to make the most of the natural environment, and learning how to relax and consider the benefits of activity and of nature on wellbeing will also play a vital role in the 5-day long course.

Key Info

This course is designed to equip with a broad range of skills to ensure they make a success of school and beyond:

  • 1 to 5-day residential school trips
  • These challenges will increase students’ self-confidence, resilience and self-awareness.
  • The key objective is to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, planning, organisation and specific activity related skills through a series of active challenges.
  • Each day will have a theme that enables students to focus on individual and team strategies for taking on the greater challenges they will face in the school life and beyond.
  • Following each challenge, the team will be debriefed by the adult facilitator to ensure they maximise the learning from each task and learn to apply simple teamwork and leadership ‘rules’ to enable them to complete subsequent tasks.

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