Supporting the development of wellbeing, character and essential skills

We are focussed on using our wonderful environment, activities and people to create
high quality learning experiences that support the development of students across the
three key areas of Wellbeing, Character and Essential Skills.


Research shows that woodlands have a particular advantage over other habitats as
their structure and layout allows for greater adventure and mystery. For example,
woodland provides greenery and cover affording opportunities to hide and create
secret places, a feature that can be particularly important for a child’s development.
Our beautiful woodland environment is key to maximising the student’s experience
and provides the perfect backdrop to the activities and the opportunity for students
to explore safely


We believe that developing character in students is equally as important as creating
a framework for academic success and stimulating a global perspective. At the heart
of character is self-confidence together with the ability to bounce back. Our skilled
facilitators will guide students through the activities to enable them to take
ownership, and we will let students have the space to explore their own boundaries
while supporting and coaching throughout.

Essential skills

By using the Skills Builder Essential Skills Framework we will
tailor the activities to focus in on three selected Skills for each course. We will liaise
with teachers prior to identify the learning goals and to pitch the reviews following
each activity to ensure we maximise the opportunity to let students grow and

Sample Programme

There are up to four action packed sessions in a one-day course, the adventure activities keep everyone engaged, motivated, and inspired. Watch your highfliers on the climbing
wall, or see who braves the leap of faith, or help your students conquer a group task.

During your action-packed day, we can provide snacks and a nutritious lunch to fuel your students .

Let’s Get Started

Cuffley creates fun, immersive learning experiences that help students develop resilience, self-awareness and social skills. If you would like to plan your next school trip with us, simply click below and let’s get started.