An Outdoor Education Centre

Cuffley has operated as an outdoor education centre in Hertfordshire for over 70 years. Newly taken over by leaders of outdoor education within the UK, Active Learning Group, Cuffley will offer high quality outdoor learning experiences to schools within Hertfordshire as well as from further afield.

Our Philosophy

We belive that active outdoor learning is a key compenent in supporting the development of positive character attributes as well as fostering healthy, enquiring minds. We also recognise the benefits of the natural environment on promoting wellbeing and encouraging a wider awareness of local and global issues.

Our Approach

With a focus on reviewing and reflecting, our courses enable students to develop their own self- awareness and learn to recognise their own and others’ strengths and current limitations, valuing the contributions of others. Our skilled facilitators will help students to regognise and applaud their own and others’ achivements, thus fostering friendships and developing supportive networks.


In June 2015 York Consulting published its final independent evaluation of Learning Away residentials, identifying their impacts as well as what it is about the overnight stay that brings about such positive powerful outcomes for young people long after their return to school. Active Learning Group, and the staff at Cuffley are proud supporters of the Campaign for #BrilliantResidentials. for more information visit

Our Family

Let’s Get Started

Cuffley creates fun, immersive learning experiences that help students develop resilience, self-awareness and social skills. If you would like to plan your next school trip with us, simply click below and let’s get started.